Entries from December 2006

Lives in our Heart for ever

Date December 30, 2006

he is a hero, ya he is a hero.. every thing they said about you is wrong, but we are arab! رحمة الله عليك ايها البطل الشهيد Lives in our heart for ever SADDAM

bash loging, startup scripts and shell initialization files

Date December 19, 2006

bash loging, startup scripts and shell initialization files.. ok, i will talk about bash, When a user logs in, environment variables are set from various places. startup scripts in order is like this: /etc/passwd /etc/shadow /etc/group /etc/profile will run. then all the files (that end with sh) in the /etc/profile.d directory then bash will look […]

Basic tips for Linux programming

Date December 15, 2006

If you’re new to Linux programming, then you might be interested in considering these aspects before you start your wonderful journey. Especially if you’ve programmed in Windows, you might want to change some of your ideas, so that you minimize the “culture” shock you experience when you encounter completely different ideas and ways of thinking. […]

kill [process id] can kill a process, eyes can kill too

Date December 12, 2006

kill [process id] can kill a process, eyes can kill too this picture from Flickr site, uploaded by Marcela P.

mount Failure after changing hard disk location SOLVED ;)

Date December 8, 2006

Imagine that you have a system with three SCSI drives (sda,sdb,sdc) and has a failure in sdb (or even you removed it), on the next boot, drive sdc will become sdb. Many different scenarios can produce similar results (even with IDE).Look at this picture may be will explain what i am talking about: (this Picture […]

smoke and never stop!

Date December 7, 2006

Smoke, smoke and never stop!.. you are a smoker and this is your death… i hate smoking but what can i do?, i wrote this, may be some day i will leave smoking… may be after i die also i think i will smoke there, may be some day i will remember to delete this […]