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Linux examination machine

Date March 4, 2009

Two days ago i did a nice interview, it was interactive exam, someone ask you through the phone to troubleshoot/do many things and in the same time he see what you do and what is the output of your commands, in my company, when i was interviewing people, all what i do is oral questions.. […]

Work/Home switcher script

Date January 25, 2009

Recently, i decided to bring my laptop to the work, so i start using it and leaving my work PC as testing machine,, also connecting to online servers through it. In the work we used a static IP with a static gateway for each department, also with a specific resolv.conf configuration,, at home, i use […]

CLI shortcut keys

Date July 6, 2007

بعض الإختصارات السريع للوحة المفاتيح في سطر الأوامر..Ctrl + a تذهب الى اول السطر الذي تكتب فيهCtrl + e تذهب الى اخر السطر الذي تكتب فيهCtrl + l تعمل تنظيف للشاشه وهي نفس الامر clearCtrl + h تقوم بنفس عمل backspaceCtrl + f تقدم مؤشر الكتابه خطوه الى الامامCtrl + r تمكنك من البحث في […]

سكربت لتحميل القرآن من الأنترنت

Date June 18, 2007

مزود الانترنت هذه الأيام يحبني 🙂 من فتره إلى أخرى ترتفع السرعه لدي من 128 إلى 512 🙂إستيقضت اليوم ووجدتها 512 فجلست أفكر كيف سأستفيد من هذه السرعه بشكل سريع قبل أن ترجع إلى 128بعد تفكير، قررت تنزيل القرآن من موقع islamway.com حيث كنت أجد بعض من الصعوبه في سماع السوره وذلك يعود إلى السرعه […]

Enhance Bash Completion feature

Date February 10, 2007

as known pressing tabs in the Command Line Interface will complete commands or filenames for you, it’s a very nice feature in bash, i don’t remember most of the commands without this feature, but does this feature need to enhance? when you write cd [tab] then bash will list all files and directories in the […]

bash loging, startup scripts and shell initialization files

Date December 19, 2006

bash loging, startup scripts and shell initialization files.. ok, i will talk about bash, When a user logs in, environment variables are set from various places. startup scripts in order is like this: /etc/passwd /etc/shadow /etc/group /etc/profile will run. then all the files (that end with sh) in the /etc/profile.d directory then bash will look […]