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cd //

Date June 9, 2011

Today @work, i typed the following command by mistake: cd // the funny thing it worked and gave me that i’m in // path!! 🙂 shaker-vm2 // $ cd // shaker-vm2 // $ pwd // i don’t know if its normal thing, after all, good to know!

not enough B12

Date June 20, 2009

Two days ago i checked my B12 Vitamin, and as expected it wasn’t enough so the Dr suggested to take one injected and then i have to take drugs course, so as suggested i started by taking the injected and here we go; it really did effect, and i started to be more active, feel […]


Date May 15, 2009

whoops finally i feel am free,, for more than 2 months, am recalculating everything in my mind, and how the work was so much heavy those two months,, maybe a lot of you noticed i deleted a lot of posts, anyway, finally i just feel like i never tired before. I just started to play […]

Cisco Programming Contest – US$100,000 Total Prizes

Date October 26, 2008

“think outside the box”. “Finalists will develop their proposed applications on the Cisco AXP platform, and will have remote access to a Simulation Lab hosted by Cisco for developing their applications. “Finalists will present their implementations to a panel of experts comprising senior-level Cisco executives along with other industry luminaries. We will select three winners […]

3’sbn 3annak oktoob 3araby :P

Date October 20, 2008

keeef ma eja lazem tooktob 3rby http://www.yamli.com/ar/ 😛

Can your hammer do that ??

Date October 20, 2008

gonna start to use my hammer!


Date October 19, 2008

eh, from three days, mosh 3aref leeeh 7ass fe malal kbeer, i don’t read RSS feeds, i don’t read new posts in forums, i don’t search about tut,i play chess too much, i play other games, i sleep every 1 hour about 10 minutes, i think too much, i smoke much more, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew what’s happen!!! […]

Kerberos 5, a quick start

Date May 3, 2008

i still maintain this, it’s not complete

Kerberos is a network authentication protocol created by MIT, it’s uses symmetric-key cryptography to authenticate users to network services.
from wikipedia: “Kerberos uses as its basis the Needham-Schroeder protocol. It makes use of a trusted third party, termed a key distribution center (KDC), which consists of two logically separate parts: an Authentication Server (AS) and a Ticket Granting Server (TGS). Kerberos works on the basis of “tickets” which serve to prove the identity of users.

The KDC maintains a database of

CCNA Instructor :D

Date August 26, 2007

The last week was a headache one! I passed CCNA Exam in 8/19/2007 in Saturday (with a v.good mark 987/1000 ;), after 2 days i got the first job on it 🙂 ya i was really happy to hear that :p , some one told me to give CCNA Lectures in his Academy (Computer Academy), […]

Life is Pain

Date August 7, 2007