cd //

Date June 9, 2011

Today @work, i typed the following command by mistake: cd // the funny thing it worked and gave me that i’m in // path!! 🙂 shaker-vm2 // $ cd // shaker-vm2 // $ pwd // i don’t know if its normal thing, after all, good to know!

Installing Gentoo at VPS Hosting

Date December 14, 2010

UPDATE, Tilaa now have Native Gentoo Support starting from August, so no need to follow this method as updated in the comments. Last week, i ordered a VPS from for testing, they use KVM Virtualization, IPv6 support and prices are good, also traceroute to middle east seems to be better than other locations, so […]

qemu/kvm tap networking

Date January 6, 2010

The following is the commands to create a virtual bridge and virtual interfaces so you can use it with kvm/qemu tap networking, Actually i think you can do all of this using a GUI interface via Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager), but i don’t know why i feel its difficult to use it, anyway. You will […]

ping tip: CTRL + \ (backslash)

Date September 28, 2009

I were checking one of the servers connectivity using ping, usually i use CTRL + \ (backslash) to send a quit signal for applications i run in terminal, but ping responded to the signal by showing ping status: 64 bytes from x.x.x.x: icmp_seq=1253 ttl=47 time=433 ms 64 bytes from x.x.x.x: icmp_seq=1254 ttl=47 time=239 ms 64 […]

Installing PPTP Client in Fedora 11

Date September 27, 2009

Usually, When i wanna connect to online servers for checking them or whatever, I ssh to my work PC then to them, unfortunately our main gateway is down today. So i tried another solution which is trying our work VPN connection, Network Manager didn’t help me or maybe i didn’t know how to configure it […]

Tornado, the real-time web server that powers FriendFeed, now open source.

Date September 11, 2009

Facebook announced Tornado as new open source web server framework, it can be used to serve thousands of simultaneous connections, its high performance is really interesting, i think ill test it in the coming days. checkout the following links: friendfeed website: some details: Tornado is a non-blocking Web server framework written in […]

not enough B12

Date June 20, 2009

Two days ago i checked my B12 Vitamin, and as expected it wasn’t enough so the Dr suggested to take one injected and then i have to take drugs course, so as suggested i started by taking the injected and here we go; it really did effect, and i started to be more active, feel […]


Date May 15, 2009

whoops finally i feel am free,, for more than 2 months, am recalculating everything in my mind, and how the work was so much heavy those two months,, maybe a lot of you noticed i deleted a lot of posts, anyway, finally i just feel like i never tired before. I just started to play […]

Linux examination machine

Date March 4, 2009

Two days ago i did a nice interview, it was interactive exam, someone ask you through the phone to troubleshoot/do many things and in the same time he see what you do and what is the output of your commands, in my company, when i was interviewing people, all what i do is oral questions.. […]

inittab to auto restart script

Date February 2, 2009

Do you have a script/application that you want it running all the time, if it crashed then it auto restrart, auto launch on reboot ?, I have a php script that must run all the time, it do telnet to a port on another server and do some commands on that port… anyway i want […]